C310 v2 - support

Important notes

  • This is a dimming plug and only intended for use with lamps. Please do not plug anything into this which is not a lamp.
  • This plug is not intended to be used with LED strips.
  • This plug should not be used with lamps that are using smart bulbs such as Philips Hue.
  • Results may vary with lamp loads under 10W.


  • Please check and confirm that the bulbs you are using are indeed dimmable. Pairing with Smart Life may be prevented if the dimming plug cannot ascertain the dimming range.
  • Please ensure that the lamp is ON.
  • Pairing may be prevented if using with a lamp with an existing dimmer, such as a dimmer on the power cord. 

Please try the following in order:

  • If you are using any Wifi extenders, please temporarily turn them off, and try connecting again with the plug close to your main router.
  • Please turn off 5GHz Wifi in your router settings.
    Restart your router and wait for wifi to become active again.
    Try connecting again.
    If connection is successful, please turn 5GHz Wifi back on, and restart your router again.
  • If connection is still unsuccessful, AND you do have Wifi extenders, please turn on the Wifi extenders and try pairing again with the plug close to an extender.

The most common cause is due to either the total load of the lights being too low, or the wattage of one particular bulb being too low. Please ensure that your lamp is minimum 10W, and each bulb is minimum 10W if using multiple bulbs.

For any other issues please contact the Candeo support team using the contact form here.

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