C101 / C102 - support

Important notes

  • This dimmer supports 2-way control, but please note that the secondary switch must be on/off only and not another dimmer.


Perform a factory reset by:

  1. Switch on and set the dimmer knob to the MINIMUM position (turn fully anti-clockwise).
  2. Push the knob for 8 times.

The lights will will step up and down in brightness twice to show that the dimmer is in CONFIGURATION MODE, then either stay at a low light level or go off.

Then you can set the minimum brightness by:

  1. Slowly adjust the brightness to the minimum level that you are happy with. Leave the dimmer in this position.
  2. Push the knob 4 times until the light steps up and down in brightness once. The setting is saved.



The dimmer default setting is trailing edge dimming. To change into leading edge dimming:

  1. Turn on the load and set the lights into maximum brightness.
  2. Switch on and off the load 5 times. The load will flash twice to show that the dimmer is in leading edge mode.

Note: To switch back into trailing edge mode just repeat the operation again the load will flash once to show the dimmer is back in trailing edge dimming mode again.

For any other issues please contact the Candeo support team using the contact form here.

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