CMM-1 - support

Important notes

  • To pair with your Smart Life app a Tuya Zigbee Hub is required. Please see here.


The Candeo Modmote can now be paired to Smartthings by using the community created Edge Driver from @erickv.

Please refer to this post in the Smartthings community forums for further information.

A direct link to the driver can be found here.

Please install the driver named button-battery-v1.4.2 .

Please note that the Candeo Modmote’s do not report their battery level. There is a known bug when using this community driver with the Modmote as the driver attempts to report a battery level but the level is falsely reported.

However – all other features of the Candeo Modmote do work successfully using this driver.


Set up a new driver in Hubitat, and copy and paste this code (adapted from a driver by community member kkossev).

Then pairing your Modmote should automatically select this device driver.  If it does not, choose Candeo Modmote from the Device Type dropdown in the device properties.

Click the Configure button, and you should be ready to go.

For any other issues please contact the Candeo support team using the contact form here.

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