Zigbee – Switch Module (With Or Without Neutral)

The zigbee switch module allows you to add smart control to lighting circuits and other uses.

It works seamlessly with standard Zigbee hubs, such as Smartthings, Hubitat, and Home Assistant, and can be used for all conventional lighting circuits as well as fluorescent tube lighting.

These modules work with “normal” on/off toggle switches, allowing you to install the module and keep your existing switches. Suitable for retro fit projects and new installations.




✔ Non-dimmable Zigbee switch module
✔ Works with all standard Zigbee home hubs – Smartthings, Hubitat, Echo, Ikea, Home Assistant
✔ Works with Philips Hue
✔ Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control if your hub/bridge supports it
✔ Resistive load maximum: 4.8A; Capacative load maximum 1.4A
✔ No neutral wire required, making it easy to retro fit in most UK homes. (Can also work WITH neutral wire)
✔ Works with physical toggle switches to control on/off in 1-way or 2-way circuits.
✔ Supports Zigbee Touchlink and find-and-bind.

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