Zigbee – Smart Wall Switch Remote (Scene Switch)

  • Requires Tuya Zigbee Hub: This scene switch works with the Smart Life app, giving instant control over any and all of the devices within your Smart Life ecosystem.
  • Each button supports single press, double press, and hold – giving you tactile control to initiate 12 different scenes.
  • Impressive, modern, and minimalist design – supplied with a magnetic mount allowing you to fix to the wall, and remove to use as a portable remote.
  • LED indicators shine through the icons when the button tiles are pressed.
  • USB rechargeable meaning no need to replace the batteries.



The Candeo Modmote is a 4 button Smart Scene switch, compatible the Tuya Smart Life ecosystem.

A Tuya Zigbee Hub is required to use this switch.

Each button has single press, double press, and hold functionality – allowing you to control a total of 12 devices, or many many more when you combine multiple devices into scenes.

The switch comes with a magnetic back plate which can be wall mounted, allowing you to easily remove the switch from the wall.

The button tiles can be removed, rearranged, and replaced, and icon packs for alternative button tiles are available.

The unique design sets it aside from many other more common scene switches, and its elegant aesthetic means the switch looks suitably at home when wall mounted or used as a portable remote.

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