Zigbee – Smart Dimmer Switch (No Neutral Required)

A universal Zigbee 3.0, 1-gang, 2-way, rotary dimmer switch – adding superb dimming functionality to your existing switches and smart home. Compatible with Amazon Echo Plus, Philips Hue, Smartthings, Hubitat, Tuya Zigbee gateway, Home Assistant plus others. Works with HomeKit when used with Philips Hue.

This rotary switch has an simple and elegant look to fit seamlessly into your home, with a tactile use equivalent to non-smart rotary switches.






✔ Works with all standard Zigbee home hubs – Smartthings, Hubitat, Echo, Ikea
✔ Works with HomeKit when used with Philips Hue
✔ Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant if your hub supports it
✔ Sleek white modern design
✔ Push On/Off – turning on returns to previous brightness when turned off
✔ Supports loads from 5W to 250W for dimmable LED and incandescent bulbs.
✔ Trailing edge, flicker free, noise free.
✔ No neutral wire required, making it easy to retro fit in most UK homes.
✔ Standard UK size (86mm x 86mm) with a slim depth making it compatible with all standard switch wall boxes.
✔ Minimum brightness can be set to ensure you get best dimming range out of your lights.
✔ The dimming switch can be used in conjunction with push (retractive) switches to allow for 2 way control.


Please note:

  • This switch can be used in 2 way systems. However – only one rotary dimmer can be connected in series or parallel. 2-way dimming can be achieved by using a push button (retractive) switch for the second switch (on/off, and holding for dimming).
  • Results may vary for poor quality or low load LEDs. If flickering occurs, it is recommended to install an LED bypass


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