WiFi – Smart Dimmer Plug (No Smart Bulb Required)

Adds dimming functionality to any lamp, without needing smart bulbs. This allows greater flexibility for lamps with multiple bulbs, without needing multiple smart bulbs, and also lamps with rare bulbs where there are no smart equivalents.


  • Includes option to switch the Smart Life pairing mode between EZ Mode and AP Mode.
  • AP Mode extends compatibility to support BT wifi routers


Candeo Wifi Smart Dimmer Plug for lamps adding superb dimming functionality and smart control to your existing lamps.

✔ Works with all Smart Life app, and Tuya apps
✔ Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control
✔ Supports loads up to 150W for dimmable LED, and 200W for dimmable incandescent bulbs.
✔ Perfect for lamps where smart bulbs are not suitable – lamps with multiple bulbs, or with rare bulb styles.

Please note:

  • Not suitable to used with another dimmer in sequence, such as an existing dimmer on your lamp.
  • Not suitable for LED strips
  • Not suitable for use with smart bulbs such as Philips Hue bulbs


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