WiFi – Dimmer Switch Module (LED 200W / Halg 400W – Requires Neutral)

Candeo C303 Wifi Dimmer Module is a smart lighting dimmer module, compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smart Life.

Supports load up to 400W, and dimming speed can be adjusted as well as minimum and maximum to ensure no flickering and the best range for your lamps.

The module can be used in conjunction with push (retractive) switches to allow tactile light switches, and retro fitting possibilities.



Candeo Wifi Dimmer Module (Live + Neutral)

✔ Works with Smart Life and Tuya apps
✔ Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.
✔ Supports loads up to 200W for dimmable LED, and 400W for dimmable incandescent bulbs.
✔ Trailing edge, flicker free, noise free.
✔ Requires Neutral Wire
✔ Minimum brightness can be set to ensure you get best dimming range out of your lights.
✔ Works with physical retractive switches to control on/off and dimming, in 1-way or multi-way circuits.
✔ AC Phase Cut Trailing edge dimmer, supporting resistive and capacitive loads.


Please note:

  • This switch can be used in 2 way and multiway systems using retractive switches – not rotary dimmers.
  • This module is not suitable for LED strips.

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