LED dimmer bypass


Ensure smooth operation of your LED dimmer switches with the LED Dimmer Bypass, a necessary accessory for compatibility with low-wattage LED bulbs. This bypass module resolves flickering or non-functioning dimmers by allowing a minimum load requirement to be met, ensuring consistent performance across your lighting setup.

The LED Dimmer Bypass is essential for anyone using LED dimmer switches with low-wattage bulbs, providing a reliable solution to increase the dimming range and maintain optimal dimming performance. Whether you’re updating your existing lighting system or troubleshooting dimmer compatibility issues, this bypass module offers a straightforward and effective solution.

Candeo LED Dimmer Bypass is a device designed to improve stability of LED lighting when used with smart switches and smart modules. To be used with LED lighting controlled by smart switches.

✔  Helps reduce/eliminate any flickering at low levels.
✔  Increases the dimming range.
✔  Reduces/Eliminates any glowing of LEDs when switched off.

Product TypeElectrical Component
Power SourceMains wired (AC)
Voltage Range220-240V
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